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Just like all pool leagues...there are many people who NEED to hear the gospel. It is one of the reasons I purchased TAP here is to get to know people and eventually share the gospel with them as the Lord leads me.

Just wanted to say HI - and let you know that I do pray for your safety, your ministry and the whole GTS ministry team.

Take care, Eric Wilbur, Owner of a TAP Pool League in Colorado Springs, CO


Greetings Steve! It was an honor to witness God at work at Valley Forge on Sunday. A mere mortal allowed God to work through him to show both the educated and the neophyte that with dedication, practice, and faith that a trick shot show can be done without a miss. What a joy it was! Shot after shot, testimony after testimony and the exuberance of the messenger was quite moving. Me a professor in apparent self disbelief the messenger shouted! That day, through my wanderings in life I was blessed to have witnessed this show. I have had the privilege of seeing the very best the world has to offer in artistic billiards, trick and fancy shots, however all of the shows I have seen pale in comparison.  Please continue your valuable work. Thank You for a wonderful show. Your energy is indeed infectious.

May God continue to bless You and Your family,

Brother in Billiards,

Robert Mullen, Vice President of the Lancaster County 8 Ball League, PA



Thanks for sharing God's word with us the other night.  It was a pleasure meeting you.  Your talent was a joy to witness.  I want to say God used you to wake me up to what I could be doing for the Kingdom.  I decided I would devote more time to helping the children of Christ Community Church develop a great pool ministry.

Thanks for everything you are doing.  God honors your work.  It does not go out void.  God used you to make a difference in my life.

God bless.  <><
John Delatorre
Beaumont, TX

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