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GTS Calendar 2023: changes and additions are forthcoming:


>4/28/23 – Mike Massey and Steve Lillis will do a GTS show at the Alburtis Fire Company, 328 S. Main Street, Alburtis, PA at 6:00 pm.

>5/16/23 – 5/18/23 – 1st Annual South Africa National Artistic Pool Championship and GTS shows with GTS RACK team partner Wayne Parker of Johannesburg, South Africa organizing alongside of other billiard vendors and competitions taking place before and after.

>April/May/June 2023 – Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman with GTS RACK friends’ opportunity to meet, greet, and network at the following events:

APA Poolplayer Championships April 26-30, 2023 Westgate, Las Vegas, NV

USBA National 3 - Cushion Championship May 3-7, 2023 Carom Billiards, Lauderhill, FL

2023 ACS Nationals -- "Meet and Greet" Sessions with "Dr. Cue" May 13-20, 2023 Tropicana, Las Vegas, NV

Shows, Clinics, Challenge Forums and Direction of VNEA International Artistic Pool Championship Shootouts  May 26 – June 3, 2023 Westgate, Las Vegas, NV

>Spring and Summer 2023 (TBD) – GTS portable pool table tour begins with summer camps, racetracks, parks, and prisons.

>7/15/23 – 7/16/23 – Gospel Trick Shot 25th Anniversary Celebration Banquet during Hawthorne Gospel Church Summer Bible Conference mission focus weekend on Saturday night at 6:00 pm in the HGC Pavilion with food, music, and special speakers & Sunday morning & evening services with GTS team updates.

>10/16/23 - 10/23/23 (TBD) – The Blackball International Peter Hawley Cup in Johannesburg, South Africa working with GTS team leader Wayne Parker as coach and manager of a GTS USA team.

>10/30/23 – 11/4/23 – International 9-Ball Open @ Sheraton Waterside Hotel Norfolk, VA with a GTS booth and UK 7-foot pool table to play Blackball and do GTS shows with Bible studies alongside other billiard events.

>GTS World Tour 2023 and (TBD) – invites from ministries & billiard federations: Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Japan, Indonesia, Portugal, Serbia, Hungary, Honduras, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda &Malawi. 

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