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GTS Calendar 2024: changes and additions are forthcoming!


>2/6/24 – 2/11/24 - WPA World Artistic Pool Championship in Bay City, MI with GTS Booth and GTS RACK team members participating in world class competition.

>2/12/24 – 2/13/24 – McDermott Factory tour with GTS partners Wayne Parker, John English, and Steve Lillis in Menominee Falls, WI.

>2/14/24 – 2/20/24 – GTS RACK Team member Wayne Parker on tour in Los Angeles partnering with Good Times Family Billiards and Automated Entertainment. 

>2/18/24 – 3/5/24 – Steve Lillis and family members doing GTS shows on the Mildenhall and Lakenheath Air Force Bases near London, England for the U.S. Military working with the USAF chaplaincy program.

>3/6/24 – GTS show with Steve Lillis and the GTS portable pool table at 12:00 Noon at Bergen Community College in the student center on campus in Paramus, NJ.

>3/20/24 – 3/21/24 – Annual BCA Trade Show in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

>4/3/24 – 4/11/24 (TBD) - GTS Portable Pool Table Tour with Steve Lillis and Steve Jefferson in North and South Carolina at HBCU campuses with NCS Paterson partners.

>5/31/24 – 6/2/24 – SA Classic Artistic Blackball Championship with the “Steve Lillis Trophy” directed by GTS RACK team member Wayne Parker at the Sessions Pool Room in Cape Town, South Africa with a GTS show and booth.

>7/8/24 – 7/13/24 (TBD) – Billiard Education Foundation 36th Annual Junior National Championships sponsored by the BCA in the Oakley-Lindsay Center in Quincy, IL with a Blackball arena featuring competition and Artistic Blackball.

>10/11/24 – 10/22/24 (TBD) - WPA Blackball International (BI) World Championships and the Hawley Cup in Bridlington, England with a team of five A players (pros) and a team of five B players (juniors or amateurs) in international competition with the 2024 WPA World Artistic Blackball Championships and GTS shows.

>GTS World Tour 2024-25 (TBD) – ministry & billiard federation invites: India, Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Japan, Indonesia, Portugal, Serbia, Hungary, Honduras, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Swaziland, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Malawi.

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