GTS Calendar 2022-23: changes and additions are forthcoming:


>9/12, 9/19, and 9/26, 2022 – Three Zoom GTS USA Blackball Team meetings with prayer with updates for all invited team members, supporters, and partners.

>9/20/22 – 9/24/22 (TBD) - U.S. Pro Billiard Series Michigan Open 10-Ball in Battle Creek, MI with GTS shows.

>10/4/22 – 10/16/22 – 2022 World Blackball Pool Championships in Tangier, Morocco with Artistic Pool demonstrations and Gospel Trick Shot shows with GTS RACK team members participating in the competition and events.

>10/28/22 – 10/30/20 – GTS RACK Team member Wayne Parker and Gerhard Le Roux of South Africa attending an evangelistic crusade in Lusaka, Zambia and overseeing the blackball pool table building project with the God at Work for Kids orphanage.

>10/31/22 – 11/5/22 (TBD) – International 9-Ball Open in Norfolk, VA with possible GTS booth and portable pool table.


>12/28/22 – 12/31/22 (TBD) – Urbana 22 with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and a Gospel Trick Shot Ministries Booth with portable pool table in Indianapolis, IN.

>Spring 2023 (TBD) – Steve Lillis, Tom Rossman, and Mike Hewitt playing in the U.S. Pro Billiard Series Alfa Morocco Open 10-Ball in Tangier, Morocco with a trip to our partner church in Cadiz, Spain.

>Summer 2023 (TBD) – GTS trip to the Philippines doing GTS shows working with the Community Alliance Church of Wickenburg, AZ and their medical missions team.


>GTS World Tour 2022 and beyond (TBD) – invitations from ministries and billiard federations to Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Portugal, Serbia, Hungary, Honduras, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Malawi.