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Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc. founded in June of 1998 by Steve Lillis and incorporated in the State of New Jersey as a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry is now featuring the GTS/RACK Team. Recreational Ambassadors for Christ's Kingdom (RACK) was first conceived in the mind of Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman some 20 years ago. It started as an outreach concept within the billiard industry to unite Christians. GTS/RACK has evolved under the umbrella of GTS into Gospel Billiard Shows featuring Christian superstars in the billiard industry. These performers want to share their Christian testimony using their vast array of talents.


Here are some of the GTS/RACK Team Members. Mike Massey and Tom Rossman are superstars of World Artistic Pool, and Loree Jon Jones and Robin Dodson are former World Champion Pool Players. There is also Steve Geller and Tommy Kennedy who both have National Titles and pro pool player and trick shot artist Steve Lillis. Jeff Ballantyne a former pro pool player and now ordained minister, serves as MC in many of the shows. There are also others who have helped produce GTS/RACK Shows in places like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, England, Germany, Ukraine, South Korea, Albania, and Taiwan. 


Shows include finger pool with Mike Massey, juggling with Tommy Kennedy, wing shot routines with Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman, Gospel Trick Shots with Steve Lillis, and songs by Loree Jon Jones, Steve Geller, and Mike Massey, with Robin Dodson sharing her amazing testimony. Add all this together and you probably have the most amazing billiard show on planet earth with a heavenly message. Look for us at major events everywhere.


Reverend Michael Hewitt is one of the pastors of pool. Not only is he a pastor, but he is also a billiard coach, life mentor, and plays a great game. Hailed as the “World’s Best Pool Playing Pastor,” and the “Man of the Simonis Cloth,” he is currently pastoring a brand new church in which he started in Muncie, Indiana. Blessed with six kids and a beautiful wife he understands family and life on the road as he was a touring professional musician before kids. Every week at Rising Hope Church Pastor Mike preaches a relevant and powerful message that can be watched online by visiting their website at If you need a prayer, going through a crisis, or simply want to shoot a game Pastor Mike is ready to meet up. To contact Pastor Mike directly please email him at

Robin and Roy Dodson are pictured with a GTS friend in between. Robin Dodson is a two time World 9-Ball Champion and was elected into the BCA Hall of Fame in 2005. Robin is semi retired from competition and concentrates on her billiard business called “Robin’s Pro Shop”. She has developed her own gospel billiard presentation entitled "Gospel Glorious." She and her husband Roy live in sunny California and both are very active in their local church. They both have a heart for ministry and have hosted Bible Studies in their home for many years. Husband Roy is the leader of the GTS Bible Studies around the country as hundreds of people have come through the years to hear his teaching. Keep preaching the Word my brother and sister!

Steve Lillis' daughters Amanda and Sarah. They both are growing into fine young ladies. Both have worked in a Christian Summer Camp called Top O' the Hill and have helped their Dad run neighborhood Bible Clubs. They also have assisted in many GTS presentations with Dad. Keep serving the Lord girls! Both are being homeschooled by Dad!

The Las Vegas Bible Study which started in May, 2000 at the BCA North American Championship has grown into a network across the country. Committed pool playing Christians have banded together to encourage one another and reach lost souls for Jesus Christ. Pray God continue to increase our flock!

Pictured in the center is World famous trick shot artist Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman and his wife Marty "Ms. Cue" Rossman. Tom is a GTS Board Member along with Rev. Ken Vander Wall (on right) of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and William Paterson University student and IVCF member Janice Davidson. Ken ministers to students on four college campuses in the North Jersey area. GTS President and Founder Steve Lillis is pictured on the left.

Some of the GTS volunteer workers in the GTS booth in LasVegas. Free Bibles and other literature as well as counciling went on all week during the World Artistic Pool Championships in Las Vegas, NV in May, 2001. The Lord used this booth to minister to many who otherwise would not have heard the "Good News."

Steve Lillis' Mom Ellie who frequently attends many of the GTS presentations and is an inspiration to all involved with GTS. Ellie raised four children in the Church and taught them about the Lord. She is the "original founder" and inspiration of GTS Ministries, Inc. Keep serving the Lord Mom!

Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman is an international billiard superstar who also is one of the billiard world's top administrators. Tom is President elect of IAPA (International Artistic Pool Association), as well as vice president of GTS, and has been actively developing Artistic Pool Worldwide for over a decade. His famous "globetrotter style" billiard shows have entertained people arould the World for over 25 years. Tom is a top competitor as well and has titles to prove it! He is currently ranked #2 in the WPA World Artistic Pool rankings. Tom is one of our GTS/RACK featured performers and has developed many spiritual concepts to go along with his amazing assortment of artistic shots. Tom and his wife Marty "Ms. Cue" Rossman travel 10 months out of the year performing and both love the Lord Jesus very much.

Mike Massey is an eleven time World Champion in various billiard disciplines. He has traveled over 3 million miles to more than 70 countries and is probably the most recognized billiard entertainer in the world today. Mike appears in many of the GTS/RACK presentations and is of course one of our featured players. Mike does not hesitate to share about Jesus and always signs his autographs with the words "Jesus loves us" above his name. Mike and his wonderful wife and pool partner Francine Massey reside in Park City, Utah. Mike was elected into the BCA Hall of Fame in 2005 and has vowed to use his fame to share the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

Jeff Ballantyne is pictured with his precious wife Lori. They live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jeff is a former traveling pool player and now is Chi Alpha Campus Pastor at the University of Minnesota. Jeff credits Steve Lillis as to helping lead him to Christ when they met in 1980 at a professional pool tournament in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Jeff is the M/C at many of the GTS/RACK presentations and is also the “Pastor” of the GTS Board of Directors. What a blessing to have Jeff on our team!

Tommy Kennedy is a wonderful witness for Christ and uses his pool fame to spread the Gospel. He is a United States Open 9 – Ball Champion and Founder of a successful pro billiard tour in the Southeast. Tommy is known as the “juggler” because he juggles many billiard balls using the rails of a pool table. Denise Kennedy is Tommy’s “better half.” She stays at home in the southern part of the state of Georgia with their young daughter and handles “business.” What a team for Christ! Please pray for the Kennedys.

Steve Geller and his wife Cheryl live in Minot, North Dakota. They have many children and grandchildren, which keep them busy! Steve is a former two times BCA National Trick Shot Champion and is very active with GTS. He is a GTS Board member and one of our featured GTS/RACK performers. Steve is a professional singer and leads worship and song at most of our GTS/RACK presentations. We are privilege to have an outstanding man of God on our team. 

Loree Jon Jones (on right pictured with GTS helper Janice Davidson on left)) is an eight time World Champion, five time Female Player of the Year, and in 2002 was elected into the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame. She is a featured GTS/RACK performer and uses her gifted voice to sing praises to the Lord Jesus Christ. Loree Jon and her husband Sammy live in South Carolina with their three children. They have a family business called "Loree Jon Billiard Supply" which husband Sammy runs and they do much ministry with their local church. When Loree Jon travels, Sammy keeps the family business and children in good order. What a tremendous married couple for Jesus!

Lou Sardo (standing left and caddying for Mike Massey's fingerpool demonstration) is the Founder and President of the World Famous Sardo Tight Rack Company which is the standard rack in the billiard industry. There are other family members involved as well like brother Carmine Sardo. Lou loves to share his testimony in our GTS/RACK presentations and inspires many with his life changing story of what Jesus has done in his life. The Sardo family has allowed GTS/RACK to share their Sardo Booths for the purpose of sharing the Good News of our wonderful Lord. We thank God for such a generous Godly man and his wonderful family helping GTS and the RACK Team of performers.

Tony “The Comic” Anthony (far right) enjoys and attends all GTS Bible Studies and contributes much to the lively discussions. Tony has been the MC in GTS/RACK presentations and adds his own brand of humor. The RACK performers all know and love Tony for his sincere heart, acts of kindness and service, and ability to relax the audience and performers with his humor. Tony is also busy behind the scenes helping to organize and advise in many GTS/RACK presentations. He is a stand up comedian and has worked "off Broadway" in New York City. He is a professional clown and loves to work with children. Tony is also the GTS cameraman and technical advisor. We at GTS are thankful to have a dedicated servant who truly believes in reaching lost souls through GTS and the game of pool.

Our newest addition to the GTS/RACK Team is Marcel “The Visa” Kaiser. Marcel obtained that nickname on a GTS trip to the Ukraine in 2003 when he got into that country without a visa having not realized that he needed one to enter. In addition to the GTS Ukraine trip, he has travel to Albania to be part of a GTS Albanian Team. Marcel won the 2004 International Artistic Pool Championship in Las Vegas, NV at the VNEA as an amateur with 100 international contestants and later turned professional and competed in the 2004 World Artistic Pool Championship representing Germany. In Germany he has played host to GTS for RACK Team Shows and has traveled to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York to work with GTS. Marcel’s infectious smile and outgoing personality bless all those who come in contact with him. He is pictured to the left besides Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman the founding father of the modern day artistic pool movement. 

Jason "The Michigan Kid" Lynch - Jason obviously hails from the great state of Michigan and has been a GTS/RACK Team performer since 2006.  In 2010 he traveled to Africa (see picture) to join Steve Lillis in GTS outreach in the economically challenged areas of Nairobi, Kenya.  Jason helped train the GTS Africa Team on that trip to not only perform the trick shots but to assemble pool tables as well.  A Thomas Aaron pool table was donated and shipped to Africa for that trip and was used to help launch the GTS Team in Kenya.  Jason's other Gospel Trick Shot credits include many shows with the GTS/RACK Team at the BCAPL in the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, the Hopkin's Expo in Valley Forge, PA, and a solo GTS outreach representing Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc. at the Christian Sports and Recreation Ministry Summit (CSRM) in Indianapolis, IN in 2011.  Thanks Jason for using your gifts and talents to help build the Kingdom of God by being a Recreational Ambassador of Christ's Kingdom (RACK).  

Brian “Superman” Pauley – Brian started playing pool when he was 9 years old under the tutelage of his dad. Brian was given the nickname “Superman” from wearing superman shirts when he played in tournaments at a local pool hall. After meeting Steve Lillis at the 2006 Derby City Classic, Brian was eager to someday put on GTS shows in his area. That has now become a reality. Brian is located in the southwest Ohio city of Wilmington, bringing GTS to an area that hasn’t had any GTS shows before. Brian also helped demonstrate “Tag Ball” at the 2010 Allen Hopkins Super Billiard Expo.


I’d like to introduce myself.  My name is Chuck Dutcher from Salem, NY.  I’ve followed Christ since the mid 80’s, and have been married 48 years with one daughter. I met Steve Lillis, Tom Rossman, and Mike Massey at the GTS April 9th fundraiser awareness presentation at Calvary Temple in Wayne, NJ.  I was invited by a missionary friend of Steve Lillis and myself named Jim Percy who knew that I liked pool.  Five weeks later Steve and Camille Lillis went to Basileia in Saranac, NY to do a GTS show for the IVCF campus ministry students.  Steve and Camille stopped by our home coming and going to give me some Gospel Trick Shot lessons complete with a practical application GTS show at a local youth center.  What a learning experience I had with Steve that afternoon.  Thank you for the honor of being a part of the GTS RACK Team, Chuck Dutcher.”



RACK membership is free, once you accept Jesus as

your Lord and Savior. There is no cost due in the

salvation story. There is no card to identity with,

since it is conviction of the heart. God is the

membership creator and Jesus is in charge of sign-ups,

with the Holy Spirit as our guide through our member


Best Victories In Him…Always!!!

Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc. is a non denominational 501 (c)3 non profit ministry corporation that welcomes all.  It is made up of people who come from all types of secular and religious backgrounds and chose to follow the historic Jesus of Nazareth as written about in the Holy Bible.

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