GTS News for January 2020

“My Favorite Christmas Memory” by Steve Lillis - Every year from the time I can remember perhaps starting at about 5 years old back in the mid 1950’s, my sister Kris and I on Christmas morning would come down the stairs of our house to the living room where floodlights and a movie camera would blind our eyes as we approached the Christmas tree loaded with toys and gifts neatly wrapped.  Christmas was a big deal in our house especially coming from a German background and having the financial means at the time to make it big and special.  

One Christmas morning when I was 10 years old something very special and different took place.  As I approached the Christmas tree with my sister Kris and with the floodlights glaring, I realized that I had very few gifts and my sister Kris had many.  I began to wonder what was going on!  Then after agonizingly watching my sister Kris open with great delight all her many Christmas gifts, my parents instructed me to go downstairs to our basement.  


I was met at the bottom of the basement steps with, you guessed it, floodlights as my father snuck downstairs in the basement with the movie camera to capture the expression on my face as my eyes lay on a brand-new beautiful pool table with bright green felt and shiny new pool balls.  Mom served breakfast and lunch that Christmas Day in the basement as I began a love affair with the game of pool.  And the rest is history!  Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace and goodwill to all!


Steve Lillis injury update and family news – Steve fell down stairs in Paterson, NJ on August 27, 2020 and broke his right hip which required a full right hip replacement and his left wrist which was in a cast for 8 weeks.  Physical therapy is still going on and progressing.  Steve and Camille moved back home on December 1st after three months of living on the campus of the Hawthorne Gospel Church to facilitate recovery because they live on a 3rd floor attic apartment in Haledon, NJ near the City of Paterson.  The timing for the fall and recovery couldn’t be better as Steve has been busier than ever doing online ministry not only with GTS but also for his home church the Hawthorne Gospel Church.  Daughter Amanda is now 4 months pregnant and plans are underway to move Steve and wife Camille (Grandpa and Grandma) to a new home being built in West Milford, NJ on the property of Amanda and Son-in-law Tim who works as a missionary at the Shiloh Bible Camp also in West Milford.  We have an amazing God who truly works all things together for good!      


Month of December 2020 in Review – In early December, Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman and Pastor Mike Hewitt went to play in a tournament near where they both live in Indianapolis, IN.  Steve Lillis was able to go on live in the chat and comment while Tom announced one of Mike’s tournament matches which was posted live on the GTS RACK Room live Facebook page.  We had 1,900 people tune in live with a focus on Jesus as Tom and Steve were able to encourage the people.  Next up in December, a testimony article written by Steve Lillis was published in the largest online billiard publication in the world called in a column by former GTS board member Roger Long entitled “Sharing the Light” and another Gospel Trick Shot of the month by Steve Lillis was featured in the “Billiards Buzz” Magazine all on  That Gospel Trick Shot of the month column in the “Billiard Buzz” Magazine has been featured every month since November of 2019.  For the links to all of the above please look below in our categorical library of listings under “Take a Break in the RACK Room.”   


Year 2020 in Review – With all the bad news that happened in 2020, this has been an amazing year of transition and growth for Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc.  We have made some very good changes and adjustments with our GTS Board of Directors along with appointing a new GTS Vice President in Pastor Michael Hewitt who heads up and hosts our GTS RACK ROOM Facebook page.  The GTS Board met back in April 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and by the grace of God has been able to execute plans approved for 2020 which included an online strategy to supplement live outreach.  As a result, we have reached many thousands of people around the world with all of our online resources listed below including 150,000 inmates across the USA.  In 2021, we hope to launch our billiard cafes in North Africa as we have assembled a North Africa Team of potentially 35 interested people.  We hope to return to live prison ministry and all of our other usual venues as well.  We now have more GTS RACK Team members to help us in 2021.  As 2020 ends please consider a year end gift to GTS before midnight 12/31/20 and above all please keep us in prayer.  Go to to give and see more on the ministry!  Happy New Year and may God bless 2021!



I. Full Length Videos in 2020


  • "Hope" Gospel Trick Shot Show Video (23 minutes 30 seconds) by Steve Lillis with slow motion and added features on the Gospel Trick Shots.


  •  "Witness Tools" GTS RACK Team Video (8 minutes 20 seconds) by Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman with encouragement on how to be a witness for Christ with or without billiard equipment.  

Witness Tools Video - YouTube


“Memorial Tribute Video for Curtis Robertson” (34 minutes 44 seconds) by Pastor Michael Hewitt and Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman featuring the “priceless” cue called the “Witness Cue” that Gospel Trick Shot RACK Team member Curtis Robertson made in 2017.



II. Short Videos in 2020


  •  “Joy” Gospel Trick Shot Video (1 minute 32 seconds) by Steve Lillis with slow motion on the Gospel Trick Shot: 

  •  “Wall” Gospel Trick Shot Video (2 minutes 12 seconds) by Steve Lillis with slow motion on the Gospel Trick Shot:

  • “Deception” Gospel Trick Shot Video (1 minute 6 seconds) by Steve Lillis with slow motion on the Gospel Trick Shot: 

  • “Closer than a Brother” Gospel Trick Shot Video (2 minutes 2 seconds) by Steve Lillis with slow motion on the Gospel Trick Shot:



III. Gospel Billiard Songs in 2020


  • Gospel billiard music video "In Heaven It's Impossible to Lose" by Mike Massey.


  •  Gospel billiard music video "Sharpie and a Cue" by Mike Massey

Other Gospel Trick Shot Videos in 2020 


IV. Columns and Articles in 2020 featured on the largest online billiard publication in the world called


  1. Testimony article by Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman in Nov 2020 on “Sharing the Light” column: 

  2. Testimony article by Steve Lillis in Dec 2020 on “Sharing the Light” column:

  3. Gospel Trick Shot monthly column with the “Gospel Trick Shot of the Month” by Steve Lillis in the “Billiards Buzz” Magazine on running for 14 straight months starting in Nov 2019 through the entire year of 2020.  This first month the Gospel Trick Shot of the month was featured on page 18 of the magazine.


V. PODCASTS in 2020


Majestic Road Podcasts with Steve Lillis, Tom Rossman, and Brian Pauley available on three different platforms.  Just search the Majestic Road menu of podcasts on the page that opens up and look for the name of who you want to listen too! 





VI. Other Gospel Trick Shot and Miscellaneous Videos from 2020


       1)   Martin Luther King Jr. – pool video (2 minutes 54 seconds) entitled “MLK: Pool Shark for the People” which inspired a live Gospel Trick Shot Show in Stuart, FL for Black History Month in February 2020 with Steve Lillis and Tom “Dr.Cue” Rossman. 



       2)   World Champion and BCA Hall of Famer Robin Dodson – FB Live billiard interview and teaching clinic on “Playing the Ghost” with Christian testimony starting at about the 33:30 mark.


  1. “The Lorrie Anderson Story” YouTube video has footage from the national TV show entitled “This is Your Life” from back in 1957.  This video features the amazing adventure of Lorrie and her partner traveling into South America risking their lives among indigenous head hunting tribes to share the love of Jesus.  Lorrie died this past October 2020 at the age of 97. She has been a fellow missionary and inspirational mentor of Steve Lillis at the Hawthorne Gospel Church for many years where both have been supported by that church.


VII. ***Special Feature*** with ongoing and updated material including the “Q & Cue” cast of animated characters along with special guests and special events hosted by Pastor Michael Hewitt the Vice President of Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc.


***GTS RACK Room live on Facebook*** with continuous weekly postings available at:


“In Memory of Ella” by Steve Lillis


                On October 12th our dear granddaughter Elizabeth “Ella” Rose Fuehring 2 1/2 years old went home to be with the Lord Jesus.  My Mom Ellie Lillis Arntson 86 years old went home to be with the Lord in January of this year and today as I write this it is October 29th which would have been Mom’s 87th birthday.  The picture that my niece Christina had in her mind was that Mom was holding Ella in her arms in heaven the day she departed earth.  What a beautiful picture that all of us who know Christ will be reunited with loved ones. 


                From an earthly perspective the colliding of two buses with Ella, our daughter Sarah, and her friend Joanna crushed between them was a total disaster.  Sarah will perhaps be six months before she can walk again and Joanna is about in the same condition having damage done to their hips and legs.  We rejoice that our grandson Jayden six years old was lagging far enough behind that he was not stuck by the buses but did however see the whole thing including seeing his sister Ella lying on the ground having instantly departed from this world.  Again from an earthly perspective this was a disaster!  However knowing Christ we can be assured that God has a plan to cause all things to work together for good (Romans 8:28).


                The good has already started as the past two days I was privileged to do my Gospel Trick Shot Shows at two locations with a new show entitled “In Memory of Ella”.  I believe the Lord came to me in a dream on October 22nd at 4:30 am as I began to perform this show while dreaming of doing trick shots and speaking about Ella.  I woke up half way through the dream and just sat up in my bed continuing to visualize shots and thinking about what I would say.  On October 27th I went to the Players Billiards Café in Eatontown, NJ and did this show for about 25 men from a local church along with another 120 APA pool league players there that night to compete.  The next night on October 28th I went to the Crossroads Ministry Center in Paterson, NJ to do the same show “In Memory of Ella” for about 25 young boys and leaders in a Royal Rangers church group with another five friends of mine in attendance.  I performed this particular show last night in Paterson on the very table I started my ministry on some 18 years ago when I lived, worked, and ministered in Paterson, NJ.  A friend of mine helped to repair the table back then and we both chipped in for the cost.  And now here we are some 20 countries later, 30 states later, and over 1,000 Gospel Trick Shot Shows later, returning to Paterson with a new show entitled “In Memory of Ella”.  Needless to say people were deeply moved as I shared and lives were touched by the Lord Jesus Christ as an invitation to join my Mom and Ella in heaven was given.  God has put in my heart to continue to share this all over the world and by His grace I will.  We have received four more invitations in the last 48 hours and we have a GTS board member Rob Boswell over in the Philippines now making plans for us to go back there.  Please pray and give financially so that Gospel Trick Shot can go and share the story of Ella and more importantly share the story of Jesus!  We appreciate you!  God bless!




Gospel Trick Shot Relaunched! by Steve Lillis


New Book Release: “But You Must! The Steve Lillis Story”


The true story of Steve’s life and unimaginable 19 1/2 year separation and subsequent marital restoration to Camille in 2009 has been published by Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc. and is available for distribution. The story includes his childhood, turbulent years as a pool hustler, military experiences, and travels as a professional pool player in search of meaning and purpose. The book transitions to finding faith in God and his divine leading to become a college professor and founder of the worldwide ministry called Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc. The events and the people are real as the story was written to help and encourage those on life’s journey in search of true meaning and purpose. Co-author Devra Robledo adds the female touch to keep the story suspenseful yet sensitive to all people. Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman a world renowned professional trick shot artist and GTS RACK team member has written the forward to wet the reader’s appetite. In a recent note from a person who recently read the book here is what was said:

Steve, I just had to drop you a note saying that I loved your book. I won it at the New Jersey Expo Center while you were demonstrating. I am going through some of the same things you went through regarding my wife leaving me and my two young daughters in the middle. Your decision to put your trust in God is beyond inspiring. Thank you for your story. - John Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. - Psalm 51:10


To order your book please send a donation of $15 or more to GTS, P.O. 313, Hawthorne, NJ 07507 and indicate that you want the book entitled “But You Must!” and Gospel Trick Shot will ship it to you postage paid. Please be sure to include your return address. If you are receiving a GTS newsletter and response card by USPS mail simply check off the appropriate box on the response card and enclose it with your gift. Thanks for your many prayers and support!

The right picture is the cover of the new book entitled: “But You Must! The Steve Lillis Story”.  


Go to and click on the "Media Center" tab on the left side of homepage. Then when the "Media Center" page opens type in the white textbox area "Steve Lillis". Then click on the "video" button and enjoy the broadcast.


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