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Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc. (GTS) started on January 20, 1996. A GTS show is the creative use of amazing billiard/pool trick shots called Gospel Trick Shots.  It was first designed to entertain and encourage young people at local churches.  In the fall of 1996, GTS began to minister at colleges working with campus ministries.  In year 2000, GTS started working in the billiard industry at both pro and amateur events. In 2001, GTS went international working with billiard federations and international mission teams.  

The ministry continues to work in all venues having pool tables and those that do not have a pool table as GTS now has a portable pool table.  The goal of the ministry is to encourage people to consider the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Sincerely, Steve Lillis

Steve’s second book, “What’s That in Your Hand? God and Pool - The Gospel Trick Shot Story” was just released.  It is now available in both paperback and Kindle on along with Steve's first book "But You Must! The Steve Lillis Story."


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Steve's Short Video Testimony and Life Story

Steve Lillis, professional pool player and trick shot artist, wants to come to your college campus, church, or billiard venue with his Gospel Trick Shot show. By using amazing trick shots (see short sample video below), as seen on ESPN TV, Steve methodically weaves together spiritual principles with the trick shots to point people to the Lord Jesus Christ and consider their ultimate destiny.  Book Steve by going to our "Informational Package" below to get details.

Here are a few short sample video's of Steve's trick shots.


CLICK HERE to download our NEW Informational Package!

Below is a link to view Steve's testimony on the "700 Club" for CBN TV.

Go to and type in the white textbox area in the upper right corner "Steve Lillis" and click search. Then select the video "The Pastor Shoots Pool" and enjoy.

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